About Us

This brand was created through my personal struggle with Acne , years of feeling insecure and self-conscious within my own skin. The daily struggle to keep my breakout at bay was an overwhelming struggle. I have spent years Going from product to product only for them to give me a temporary result if not make it completely worse. Makeup can hide a lot of things but not the insecurities you have within your own skin, the uncomfortable feeling inside when you wake up with unexpected painful pimples that hang over your head for several days.

I have come up with a unique organic base formula not to just give you clear skin, but to help Revitalize, Replenish and Rejuvenate the INNER YOU AS A WHOLE. Each product is carefully made to give you the maximum benefit. killing the Propionibacterium/ Cuti bacterium (bacteria that causes acne) far beneath the derma. Minimize pores, Managing Hyperpigmentation, Soothing Inflammation, Reversing the sign of aging, Hydrating and Detoxing. Who said you can't have luxury and beauty in one product without overwhelming your skin with harmful chemicals, we welcome you here at REBIRTH, we are here to fight the battle with you!