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Rebirthing Life Skincare

The Vital Skin System

The Vital Skin System

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Our Vital Skin System is an absolute must have for giving you the full effect of our complete line with the essentials the skin needs. With the overall pampering feeling of a spa day, leaving you with the feeling of the best of the three R's... Revitalized, Replenished, and Rejuvenated. Our Daily Cleanser removes impurities far beneath the skin, combined with our Lite Stroke Exfoliator by removing dead cells without leaving your skin raw and dried out thanks to our premier castor oil that leaves the skin feeling soothed while fighting the appearance of aging. Our Powerhouse Toner helps reduce the appearance of oily skin and redness, leaving your skin refreshed. Our Radiant Glow Serum formulated to protect and preserve the vibrant beautiful glow of your skin, enhances the appearance of skin elasticity, boost of hydration due to Hyaluronic Acid, that helps reduce the appearance of age spots. Our Hydrating Face Moisturizer helps seal the skin of all vitamins and nourishes it, leaving your skin feeling like silk.


This 5 Piece System Includes 1 Each Of The Following Items:

  • Rebirth Daily Cleanser 8oz.
  • Rebirth Toner 8oz.
  • Hydrating Moisturizer 2oz.
  • Radiant Glow Serum 1oz.
  • And 1 Life Stroke Exfoliating Scrub 2oz.

INGREDIENTS: See individual item pages.

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